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Show only popular topcis started this month [bbp-single-view id=”popular”]

  • mvaneijgen


    I have a small problem. I want to show the most popular topcis on my home page, but now I am running for a while and this feature is kinda killing my SEO performance. This is because there is one topic fairly popular on my forum and has been for over a few months now and because this is represented on the home page Google has picked up on it and this topic is showing up in most of my test search results.

    Now I still want to have this feature, but make it a bit more fair for the other topcis and show the most popular topcis that has stated in the previous few days (lets say 30). Is there a shortcode/feature or function that could achieve this?

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  • Goede morgen mvaneijgen,

    If you’re into coding, I suppose you will have to start from the topic post_date and compare it with the date of today.


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