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Show Forum description inside that specific forum at the top of the page

  • Ok it may be a bit confusing like that so you can reffer to my pictures I’ve linked. To be clear: -On forum main page (or sub-forum page) you have Forums names right? -A forum is shown with his title and Description (a picture can also be added right? -Once you clic on the forum name and get to it, the page is displayed with the Forum name in big text then you have post under it right? So, What I want is to get that specific forum description that I can see and read on the forum main page with the picture included. So When i’m in the forum I can read the description and see the image of the forum. All forum page look the same, this would help to see where they are and this is what i want to do. I just don’t know with what php I have to play and what I have to write to see that happen. Can I get some help? could it be a future option? forum image 1 Forum image 2

    • This topic was modified 11 years, 7 months ago by partager.
    • This topic was modified 11 years, 7 months ago by partager.
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  • lwyndham


    I’m am also looking to display the forum description at the top of the topic forum page, in other words exactly the same as partager described above.

    Has any one achieved this?

    I’m sure there is a simple solution (i.e. add the forum description tag to the template) but do not know where to start.


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