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Shortcodes and Menus

  • bpakclac2015


    Good day guys!

    I have the same issue with two forums; an English and a French one.
    When I shortcode to one from a page called up by a menu item, it displays fine, but when I do the same from another menu item(the French one) from another page, and shortcode to the other forum, then bbPress shows both of the forums.

    See it here.

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  • bpakclac2015


    Alright…It appears that setting the type of topics, as in; Normal, Sticky or Super Sticky, changes the behavior of the shortcode [bbp-single-forum id=].

    I made all test topics’ type in both forums, to Normal and the problem disappeared. Same behavior with Sticky.

    To wrap-up, a type Super-Sticky, will get these forums show up, no matter that you specify an exact one with the [bbp-single-forum id=] shortcode.

    A “super sticky” topic will appear in all forums.

    If you only want it to appear in a single forum then it should just be a “sticky” (not super)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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