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Sharing Comments Between bbPress & WordPress

  • pertinax786


    Another WP integration/bbSync question: I’ve read everything written here and now have a working test blog/forum setup (2.5.1 & .902) waiting to be ported to the main site.

    Bar one issue: using bbSync, I can get WP comments showing in the forum without difficulty, but replies in the forum are not porting back into the WP comments.

    Am I overlooking a way of getting the forum posts to port back to the WP pages?

    If this is not easily possible, might there be an alternative, like for example using Simplepie to parse the feed from the thread and re-include it back into the WP page, or even an include or Ajax load; perhaps not perfect…

    I don’t need user sharing as there are no WP users; trying for an anonymous friendly integrated forum/comments system. It’s just getting those replies back onto the WP side…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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