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Share : Solution for BBPress 1.0 Alpha 6 – WordPress MU 2.7 cookie integration

  • netcompetency


    Ehlo all,

    i just want to share a solution for BBPress 1.0 Alpha 6 – WordPress MU 2.7 cookie integration — or a hack. My problem is that after installation of WPMU and BBPress, i can not make a single sign on : to make a user log in to BBPress can access WordPress without another login and a user log in to WordPress can access BBPress without another login.

    I just use Cookie integration with WordPress installed at


    And bbpress at


    After Googling i found hint about cookie domain, SECRET KEY etc, but it does not work …

    When i check the cookie, the cookie from BBPress is appended with some words for example :


    meanwhile the cookie for wordpress is simply


    I then change a line of code at bb-settings.php from

    define(‘BB_HASH’, $bb->wp_cookies_integrated ? md5($bb->wp_siteurl) : md5($bb->uri));


    define(‘BB_HASH’, ”);

    Somehow IT WORK !

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  • deadlyhifi


    This looks great. I was very confused why WPMU doesn’t supply a list of numbers in the cookie like WP2.7 does. It was causing me to not be able to log into WPMU…

    I will give this a go. Thanks.

    This did not work for me. In fact, it was the thing that hindered my integration from working properly. That is just my experience, though.

    Following these instructions:

    I finally have WPMU-bbPress integration working.

    There are several tips and an additional plugin mentioned there that are essential with WPMU integration.

    Sam’s screencast helped with everything else.

    This solution for integration worked for me!


    WPMU 2.7

    BBpress 1 alpha 6

    buddpress 1 rc1

    Netcomp, looks like I owe you a beer!




    That one line of code worked for me. I’ve been at this since Jan. Luv ya, man!

    You rock netcompetency!!!!

    Thank you, i was struggling for days with this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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