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Several Questions (sorry)



    Hi there everyone,

    I am new to bbpress and am currently developing my latest project (a premium forum skin / themes project).. I have a few questions and would really appreciate any feedback / thoughts.

    (1) – Is it possible to display certain forums / categories to certain user-groups ? I would like to hide / make private forums for customers so only they can see their threads / staff replies.

    (2) – How and where do i start editing css to blend the forums to match my website / can i create a custom bbpress style (if so how ??) Really in need of some help here.

    A huge thanks in advanced for any help here, i am really looking at implementing this asap, currently weighting up using bbpress or a 3rd party script like Xenforo or something similar however the more scripts i need to bridge the messier / more long term work will be required (updates etc).

    Regards, Darren

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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