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Setting up just the forum on an existing site

  • zborg


    Hi there,

    I want to add a forum to a existing (non wordpress site), so I want to have which would default to the forum ‘homepage’ (or better still to an actual forum as there would only be one forum as it were).

    However when I install it as a plugin, I don’t seem to see how I can get this to work? as it appears that the base ‘/’ is the wordpress site (which I do not want to exist) then you specify a ‘forums base’ so say /forum/… but that would leave at the bear minimum /forum/forum/forum-name/… if that makes sense? assuming I need to have the wordpress running on the /forum/ dir (and cannot disable it(

    I’m possibly making a easy problem seem complicated but have no idea of a good solution?

    Any ideas appreciated


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  • Anointed


    bbPress 2x REQUIRES WordPress as bbPress is now a true WordPress plugin. There is no way at all to run bbPress without WordPress.

    You could always install WordPress in a subdirectory ‘community’ and then have the plugin base as forums, so you end up with site/community/forums/forum….

    You may then be able to do some crazy fancy url rewrites to remove the community from the url, though that is also an area I am not familiar enough with to help out.

    I’m not sure though if you run into other issues with installing WordPress in a subdirectory as I have never tried it before. I do seem to remember reading somewhere that people were having issues with subdirectory installs, though I could be wrong.

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