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Setting privs for writing

  • Is there any way of setting priviliges for writing in a forum.

    Typically you’d have a NEWS-forum where only moderators or the key master should be allowed to enter new topics.

    I’m hopefully breaking into already opened doors here. Greatful for any help at all in this matter.

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  • Create a directory called my-plugins/ in bbPress’ root directory.

    Into that add a new file called mod-write-topics.php with the following code.


    function mod_write_topics() {

    global $bb_roles;

    $bb_roles->role_objects['member']->remove_cap( 'write_topics' );


    add_action( 'bb_got_roles', 'mod_write_topics' );


    I think that will work, but I haven’t tested it.


    Yes that would work. Thanks much.

    Nice, but where in the mod do you define wich forum is for admin posting only?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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