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Separate completely from WP

  • TrishaM


    Well more than 2 months after my attempt at upgrading from a 1.0.2 installation to the 2.2.4 version I’m still left with such a horrible mess that now I think it’s best to completely separate the bbPress from my WP installation and run it on a subdomain with it’s own separate MySQL database.

    BUT I need some help to be sure I do the de-integration correctly. Fortunately there have been a limited number of both normal WP posts and forum posts in the interim, hopefully that will make it easy to identify those objects since I exported everything from the original database prior to the upgrade.

    It looks like all the forum posts and meta are still in the bb_ tables, so as near as I can figure, this seems like what I should do:

    1. Export all the bb_ tables to a sql backup file;
    2. Export all the wp_ tables to a sql backup file;
    3. Export just the wp_users table to a sql backup file for later bbPress use;
    4. Create a new MySQL database for the WP installation and import the wp_tables to it;
    5. Clean out any users with less than contributor role (not sure how to do this);
    6. Change my wp-config.php to use the new WP database;
    7. Create a new MySQL database for the bbPress installation;
    8. Reinstall bbPress as a standalone install;
    9. Import the bb_ tables to the new bbPress database;
    10. Import the separate wp_users table into bb_users (? not sure if this can be done?);

    Can anyone please advise me if this is the right approach, and how to handle the users? I cleaned out all of the inactive and bozo users and have not allowed any new registrations, so all of the remaining users can be imported to the new forum installation. I want to clean them out of the wp_users because I don’t allow registrations there except for author/contributors, which I add manually, so there are several hundred forum users that don’t need to be in my WP installation.

    I need some help with the SQL query to isolate and remove any users from wp_users who are not admin/editor/author/contributor level users.

    Many thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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