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Separate Categories

  • circulartrend


    Hi there,

    So I saw the forum-is-category plugin but it doesnt work on bbpress version It still makes a link for a category. Also that is not exactly what I want. I want to mock like proboards or phpbb as far as separation. Now I would upgrade to 1.0 of bbpress to utilize the separate category sections, however dozens of plugins have yet to be updated. I am talking about more than one main theme type of thing:

    Section 1

    Forum 1

    Forum 2

    Section 2

    Forum 1

    Forum 2

    See what I am getting at? I hope the future of bbpress implements all the plugin ideas with abilities to change them, turn them on and off etc without the use of plugins…just have it all built in.

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  • Do you have to link to the categories?

    You could probably change your theme not to link to a forum if it’s set to be a category…

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