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Sending confirm mails from bbPress – Doesn't work

  • I’m using XAMPP and installed ppPress in htdocs etc. So I run this from localhost (localhost:8080). When I’m register myself in my forum (pretending to be a new user=)) and hopping for a confirm mail, I don’t receive any…? How does this work? Shouldn’t I specify a mail server somewhere?

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  • zaerl


    Did you setup Mercury?

    No, I don’t think so. I’ve just Installed bbPress, and followed the instructions. Nothing was mentioned about Mercury. What is Mercury?



    You need a mail server on your system so you can send out mail. Mercury (Pegasus Mail) is a mail server for XAMPP. Without some sort of way to send mail from your system, the confirmations will never be sent out.

    OK, thanks!

    I’ve recently made some code with PHP to try to send mail, and after making the right configuration in php.ini it worked. After that I downloaded bbPress and I thought it would be sufficient to just have the right configuraiton in PHP ini, which is the server for outgoing mail (at my broadband supplier) and things like that…

    First of all, the installations instructions for bbPress doesn’t say anything about Mercury? Wonder why?

    Second, there seems like Mercury and Pegasus mail are two different (or separate) softwares, but since Pegasus mail is mentioned in the reply above I will go for that one.

    Third, do I just need to make some settings in Pegasus Mail, and then I’m ready to send confirmation mails or do I have to apply settings in php.ini, ppPress or some other place?

    Four, on this stage I’m only run bbPress locally, but then if I want to put it online on some web host, I don’t need Pegasus Mail do I?



    First: the installation instructions don’t mention that you need a mail server in order to send emails cause it is implicit. Is like saying that you need to connect to the gmail servers in order to send emails from your gmail account.

    Second: yes they are. XAMPP and other LAMP software are just test platforms and they are very different from a service that professional hosting companies give you. A little configuration is needed and setting up a mail server is one aspect that you must cover.

    Third: Pegasus Mail must be configured. bbPress no (only the mail in bb-admin/options-general.php). It just use the mail() functionality of PHP that is a layer on top of the email server specified at server level.

    Four: no. 99% of companies that provide hosting solutions do give you access to a fully functional mail server and you don’t have to worry about that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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