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Send email to all members?

  • Is there some way I can effeciently send an email to all members of my forum?

    Unless I have to mark copy one at a time, I have found no way to copy several at once.

    I need to send an email to all the members at once

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  • zaerl


    You can use phpmyadmin:

    SELECT DISTINCT user_email FROM bb_users ORDER BY user_email ASC

    but mass email isn’t a good idea.

    That… told me nothing, sorry. What are you meaning to say?

    How else should I send an email to hundreds of users? You think I should sit and send one by one?



    I mean that you will likely be banned. You should hire an email marketing service.

    Thats the stupidest advice I have gotten in all of 2010.



    First of all you are asking for help and believe it or not I gave you an SQL query that actually help you cause it export all members’ emails that you can use for sending emails.

    Seconded a quick search with a search engine called google will point you to a lot of topics in which mass email has been already discussed on

    in that topics you will find replies from _ck_, chrishajer and others that are IT experts that, believe it or not, have written the exact advice that you consider at number one of your personal 2010 list.



    Marius- you have a long record of being abusive and less than cooperative here when looking for advice. I would like you to treat the volunteers here with respect and refrain from this type of commentary. If you’re unable to treat others here with respect I will ensure that your requests for help here go unanswered.

    zaerl’s first suggestion was good to get all the email addresses from your bbPress installation. How you email them all is up to you and not part of the focus of this forum “Fixing it when it’s broke.”

    Any comments, please feel free to email me at chrishajer AT gmail [dot] com

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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