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send all subscribers an email once

  • haddlyapis


    Hi there,
    I want to inform all of my forum users (only those who are subscribed to at least one of my forum topics), that a new forum topic exists.
    My thoughts here are that I do this via MySQL, whereby I do a search for any subscribers, add them to the new forum topic, subscribe them and then post in the forum (which then fires an email out to them all). Then unsubscribe them and remove them from this forum topic (due to GDPR rules, I must first find out if this is legal).
    This way they will all get one email that this new forum topic exists.
    Before I go about doing this, do you have a better suggestion for simply emailing any subscribed forum user using a plugin plz? Any help much appreciated!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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