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Selected forums only visible to a group of users – have you got the solution?

  • I have spent hours looking through new and older posts on related topic and tried different approaches, including using the “Members” and “User Role Editor” plugins. This is related to the WordPress bbPress plugin.

    I understand that changing the forum visibility forth and back is risky, so I have avoided that. I have only a limited amount of other plugins installed.

    I am not going to list all the issues I have had, but instead hope that someone (if any) who has this up and running can reveal the secret.

    Here is what I try to acheive:

    Some forums should only be available to some users. My plan is to have two users, “Forum Participant” and “Forum Customer”. “Forum Participant” is default, and some users will manually be upgraded to “Forum Customers”. Some forums should only be visible to “Forum Customers”.

    Any comments would be highly appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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