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Security built into bbpress/buddypress/wordpress

  • randrcomputers


    Ive never understood why bbpress, wordpress or buddypress dont have option for random questions where Admin can setup a dozen or so questions and answers to registration form. Seems like a simple way to help fight spam registration and simple too! If answer is not correct then registration is not possible. Wangaurd plugin had this and never had spam registration when that was installed.
    Must be a reason bbpress, wordpress or buddypress dont offer such a simple solution to at least help stop spam does anyone know why?

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  • Robin W


    bbpress and buddypress just use WordPress login, and WordPress lets plugin authors do this – only so much you can expect the WordPress authors to support. Wanguard shut down due to stress on author.

    As a plugin author, I sympathise – it’s amazing how much abuse you get for providing something for free.

    Plenty of solutions out there that use a variety of methods. eg

    The Best Alternative For WangGuard With Scaled Protection



    I use several methods (which still don’t prevent spam accounts) but ..

    1. I have a Google reCaptcha on the Registration Page.
    2. I have a plugin that lets you add a security question to the Registration page.
    3. I have a plugin that sends all new user registrations to “Unapproved”. I have to approve or delete.
    4. I have updated the users view to display the security answers. As a result, I can immediately see if it is a bogus account and immediately delete it.

    At the moment it is working Ok for me to do it this way.



    @robin-w I still use wanguard just for security questions i assume this is ok as it still works for that!? it really is to me the best way to help stop spam registration. You think there is a plugin that does this and is current? i will check your link. Yes i recall when author of wangaurd stopped due to pressure and have been looking ever since for something that worked as good as that plugin did. checking your link but let me know if i shouldnt be using wanguard just for the questions option 🙂

    Robin W


    sorry, I haven’t researched in detail, so I’ll leave you to investigate.

    Let us know how you get on

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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