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Secure Auth?

  • I’ve been living with bbpress and wordpress integrated badly for a while now. I suspect it’s because I can’t really work out where my wordpress secure auth salt is.

    I don’t see it in the options.php for wordpress

    I’ve tried adding the secure auth key from the config file, an the nonce salt but these don’t work.

    I am tired of being logged out of wordpress or bbpress when switching between them.

    I have searched this forum, and googled my head off, but there’s no clear explanation I can find on where this simple bit of data lives.

    Where is the secure auth salt?

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  • chrishajer


    @dss – what versions are you talking about?

    I’ve got the latest version of WP and BBP

    So that’s BBPress 1.0 rc-1

    and WP 2.7.1

    In my wp-config I have the Secure Auth Key but in the WordPress options.php there’s no “secure auth salt” so i have no idea how to find this and use it for integration.

    ok, so I watched the screencast again and I learned something about the “secure auth salt”

    I learned that it’s only for people doing ssl instalations, which I am not, and it’s actually ok to leave it blank. So it’s good to know this is not actually the problem.

    Is there a tutorial anywhere for existing installations of WP and BBP and how to integrate them retroactively?

    OR is it a better idea to backup the data, and undertake the mess of reinstalling and restoring the posts in both applications?

    If you upgraded WordPress, the wp-config file may not contain all the keys. Generate them here, and add them to WP. The first 3 of the WP keys are them added to BBPress (via the admin screen):

    • WordPress “auth” cookie salt = AUTH_KEY
    • WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt = SECURE_AUTH_KEY
    • WordPress “logged in” cookie salt = LOGGED_IN_KEY

    Good point, I checked, and it does. Also, it is the same as the one’s I’ve pasted into the bb config as well.

    I installed bbpress before this was a feature.

    I wonder if I need to add this manually to the database?

    great online resource for whatever character key/ whatever long you need

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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