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Search Tool with filters

  • ilyessd



    I am using bbpress to do a website where employees can create topics to post information about their career and students can read and reply to ask questions. I am allowing employees to create topics in forums that I created myself by categories (let’s say I created the forum “Computer Science” and “Construction”) and they are also allowed to put a tag to the topic that will correspond to their job (for example a software engineer will post in the forum “Computer Science” with the tag “Software Engineer”).

    Now instead of using the normal search tool of bbpress, I would like to create a search tool for student where there would be 2 filters, the first one would be a dropdown with the list of all the forums that I created and then another filter which is a text area that correspond to a job name and that would search among the tags.

    This is my main goal. However, if it’s possible I also would like to add another field “Company Name” available for employees when creating a new topic and then create another field in the search bar “Company Name”.

    Can anyone help with that please ? I would be extremly thankful !
    Thanks !

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