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  • kortschot


    He there… I got my own wp theme, within it a folder called bbpress for overriding files like loop-topic.php. No big deal, everything works great. But… when doing a search in the forums I would like it to use bbpress-search.php in mytheme/bbpress/ and not make use of the default search.php. I need this due styling and I need way less stuff in the results. Just want topic title and a little excerpt that’s it.

    So… main question, can I create a bbpress-search.php or something so when I do a search bbpress uses that file for showing it’s results. If so do you have any pointers?

    second… why isn’t there a default search function in a forum plugin like this?

    third… when is the next version comming and is there a new feature list somewhere? Thanks! Paul

    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by  kortschot.
    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by  kortschot.
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