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Search shows topics in private forums when not logged in

  • Tim Hardy RRC


    Is there a way to filter search results for non-logged-on users of the website so their results don’t display the contents of private forums which then go to a redirect loop when we try to follow the links?

    An example from our testing site:

    The search results don’t include topics that have individually been made ‘private’ but I can’t find a way to set this to default for topics within a private forum – I can batch edit them afterwards but it would be good if, failing a solution to the search problem, this could happen automatically.

    We’re running WordPress 3.8.1 and BBPress 2.5.3 (as part of a Commons In A Box setup) on an entirely custom theme.

    If there’s any more information I need to provide, please let me know – thank you.

    edit: glaring typo

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