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Search shortcode is displaying two search forms

  • demonboy


    I’m using an Avada child theme and have inserted the search shortcode. Unfortunately it is showing two forms. I’m sure I could get rid of one by doing a display:none on the relevant div but I’d like to know why this is happening. You can see the page here, whilst the code is here:

    [one_half last="no"]Welcome to the Itinerant Writers Club. This is a closed group but anyone interested in discussing travel writing is invited to join. It is a dedicated group where, each month, every essay written by the members is critiqued by the others. Here's why you should join:
    [checklist icon="pencil" iconcolor="#6dd622" circle="yes"]
    	<li>High rate of published members</li>
    	<li>Dedicated, monthly critique of your work</li>
    [one_half last="yes"]<tt>[bbp-forum-index]</tt>[/one_half]
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