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Search no longer finds users

  • chrishajer


    When I upgraded from .73 to .80, the search stopped finding users. In the templates folder, search.php, this code exists:

    <?php if ( $users ) : ?>
    <h2><?php _e('Users')?></h2>
    <?php foreach ( $users as $user ) : ?>

    which makes me THINK it should display users, and it used to display users, but it doesn’t any more. There were quite a few changes in that file between versions. Does anyone else have this problem? Try searching your forum for an exact username and see if you find any users. It also used to match part of a username, so searching for “river” would return “riverside” and “riverfront” if those were valid users.


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  • I can confirm that I have the same code, the same behavior (no users displayed), and had the exact same assumption when I came across it. I was expecting some results to show up when a username was searched for, but alas, none of the results reflected a query for usernames.

    So, no solutions, but a chime in from Macwise…

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