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Search form by forum ID

  • DragoWeb


    Hi, I’m new with bbpress and using a WP (v4.7.3) with WPML (v3.6.6) to display 2 languages. I created 2 main forums named “English Forum” and “French Forum” with some sub forums under each of them, and I’m looking now for a way to display a search form to target only the “english forum” but also his child forum, and another which target the “french forum” with his child ones.

    I’ve found this :
    but it only search on a single forum ID (not to child ones).

    I googled for hours but, surprisingly, found nothing really helpful.

    I can create my own shortcode to display a search form but how to target a forum_id?

    Thanks for any help…

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  • Robin W


    untested, and may need you to debug it a bit but something like changing step 3 to read

     * Search only a specific forum
    function my_bbp_filter_search_results( $args ){
        //Get the submitted forum ID (from the hidden field added in step 2)
        $forum_id = sanitize_title_for_query( $_GET['bbp_search_forum_id'] );
    $sub_forums = bbp_forum_get_subforums( $forum_id );
     $args['post__in'] = $sub-forums ;
        return $args;
    add_filter( 'bbp_before_has_search_results_parse_args' , 'my_bbp_filter_search_results' );

    you may need to add the main forum into the sub-forum list/

    Collins Agbonghama


    I also needed something like this. Will try the code out.

    Thank you.



    Hi Robin, and thanks a lot for your answer. I spent thours trying to achieve this but without success. The search just always returns results from all forums. I must confess I’m a beginner with PHP… But, is there any chance that this feature could be added in your “bbp additional shortcodes” plugin. Something like [bbp-search forums='10,12,15']. I just discovered your plugins on your website and you did an amazing work. Of course I’m ready to give some donation for that but I like to know if this is possible or not first 🙂 But maybe it’s not as simple… Thanks

    Robin W


    thanks and glad it worked.

    my website is

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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