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  • aro747


    I have a bbpress installation with buddypress, however, I just realized there is no way to search the Forums and I’m not seeing a “Search” plugin. Is there one? I think it’s important for the Forums to have a search feature.


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  • CallMeAndy


    Oh this is worrying – the silence to your question says it all aro747- probably nobody has been able to search for questions relating to this topic, and hence you have no other feedback!!! This is so fundamental to a forum, if search functionality doesnt exist its head for the hills time. I realise you guys working on this plugin are voluteering your time, but you still have an agenda and it must include getting a buoyant community behind your project!

    I shall look a little more before I make a categorical decision, and even if I go back to a forum, external to wordpress, I shall try to keep an eye on your progress as I think the future rewards of a forum integrated into the heart of my wordpress implementation will be huge. But how far aaway is that, and is there any point in writing on any other threads when so few eyes are likely to go over the words!!

    Good luck men. Ill see you on the other side!



    This reply is not really helpful, or encouraging. It actually reads like spam, so I’m closing this topic and keeping an eye out for similar responses.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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