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Search bbPress 2.0 provides unified search and unified login widget fixes

  • Steveorevo


    Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve released my Search bbPress 2.0, a unified search plugin. It has the following features:

    * Unified search extends WordPress native search to bbPress 2.0 content

    * Corrected hyperlink search results to the actual forum/topic/reply so that users can participate in the forum right away.

    * Fixes bbPress login widget typo for all languages (the Log in button)

    I’ve had this on my site for a while for testing (it is working great!) but have just submitted it to the repository. Hopefully if will appear soon. I also submitted a bug report to bbPress trac about the typo and how I performed search a while back (but a little too late for 2.0 release), so hopefully these items will be corrected / become native in future releases! Rather then wait for the repository, feel free to download it from my new site (free):

    If you like it, please let others know and/or tweet about it! My site is brand new, so any traffic would be greatly appreciated. Donations would be to just take a moment to review my other wares. :-)



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  • Anointed


    Works beautifully!

    Desktopserver also looks quite intriguing. I currently use xampp setup custom on my dev laptop using wp multisite to accomplish something similar. I don’t want to mess up my current setup, but may try your product in the future.

    Rev. Voodoo


    Yeah, that’s really nice, thank you!



    Welcome. @anointed, DesktopServer will also allow you to make multiple multisites too. I know that sounds like a lot of sites, but I keep them on hand to accelerate projects.

    I’ll have to see how bbPress works with Multisite. Does anyone know if it is limited to one forum engine per multisite install or can each subsite have it’s own instance?



    bbPress works perfectly in multisite. I have separate forums for each of my sites in the network. Of course we do share users though, no current way around that yet.



    Just what I needed, thanks so much!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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