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Safari and Chrome messed up layout

  • Hi All,

    I have successfully installed the forum here and all looks good in IE and FF – but in Chrome and Safari the layout is messed up.

    I have searched the forums with others for similar problems but I see no definite fix.

    Any help much appreciated.

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  • You need to look at the CSS being applied to the #content. This looks more like a theme issue, not with bbPress.

    I’d use Firebug or Chrome inspector to poke around. Specifically try changing the max-width to a set width.

    Thanks for the swift response. I fear that’s me stuck then.

    I played and played with the theme css and the BP CSS and I could not get it work correctly. I have asked the theme author but he/she never seem to reply from previous issues – worrying.

    Any suggestions to guidance?

    Put this in your theme’s style.css

    .bbPress #content {
    width: 67%;

    Thanks – i did try that – but it made no difference. Or did you mean the style of bbpress theme?

    Edit * I added it to the twentyten (default bbpress theme) and still the problem remains. I am sure its soooo simple but I am not that great at fault finding even with firebug.

    Not sure what to tell you, everything looks OK in chrome to me.

    Well I stumped. I got quite excited thinking it must be a cache issue then – but even after clearing it (both Safari & Chrome) it looks the same as before. Hoepfully it is just a cache issue – but unless my cache is screwy…..

    When you checked before did it look wrong – or has it always looked OK to you?

    I have taken a screenshot – here.

    I’m on the latest version of Chrome (OSX) and it looks fine.

    Its looks great in your screenshot for sure – unfortunately I have tested on various machines all with the same result.

    I fear that I have reached a dead end here – I may ask over WP forum – and see what can be done.

    John James Jacoby


    Most likely because the table layout is fixed and your containing element does not have any width associated to it.

    #main table.bbp-topics,
    #main table.bbp-forums,
    #main table.bbp-replies {
    table-layout: auto;

    Thanks for the response John – just so I am clear – should i paste the above in my main theme css? or bbpress theme css?

    Sorry – bit of a css noob.

    Put it in your theme’s style.css

    John James Jacoby


    Anywhere it will be applied. Don’t hack the core of anything that isn’t yours – I.E. bbPress, a theme you purchased, etc…

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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