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$$$s & £££s for your help!!

  • michael3185


    Yeah, seen a million posts like this. But it’s making me curious as to why they pop up here and there…

    There was another one a couple of days ago offering cash for help to install bbPress. I gave my email address, and the guy contacted me. I said I didn’t want money and emailed him some simple instructions on installing bbPress to his server. I’ve heard nothing since, so I hope he got it sorted and just forgot to let me know.

    Yet there’s another request offering cash for someone to just change the colours on his bbPress forum. What’s with this..?!

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  • Not everyone is tech savvy.

    I installed, configured, theme-tweaked and such a WP/BB site for a friend for a plate of cookies. Every time she needs tech help, she shows up with more.



    Sorry, I guess what I should have said is; Just a look around the forum usually provides all the help you need, or a post with some questions does the trick. I mean, how much cash can it be worth to get some basic help? Not enough to be bothered sending/receiving I’d think. Cookies are a far better way to go!

    If you’re tech inclined, yes, the forums are all the help you need. The problem is a lot of bloggers AREN’T. That’s why and TalkPress exist! Keep the non-geeks out of the geek part, and let them just blog.

    If you’re NOT, then a plate of cookies is great :) If I was going to charge for it, I’d say $25 for an install and bog-standard install of someoneelse’s theme (no major layout changes, just little tweaks). $5 for upgrades and ‘OMG! I borked my DB! HAAAALP!’ problems. If you want a custom design, I’m out of the biz. If I were to charge for a WP/BB integrated setup, probably $35 or $40, depending on how much I liked ’em.



    Hey Ipstenu, that’s a really helpful cost list for those looking for help, and those prepared to help for a payment.

    I tend to do almost anything for free, as I get such a lot of help from others freely. The thing that put me off actually installing for the guy who asked, though, was that I really didn’t want his username and password. If anything went awfully but coincidentally wrong on his web space, guess who’d be up against the wall..?! I hope he managed to do it using the simple instructions I gave him. Plus, on his site he says he’s doing a software engineering degree or some such! Something didn’t feel right about that to me.

    Well, if someone gives you their id/password, your last step is always to tell them to change it to something else. But yeah, I never give anyone my id/password combo.



    One day we’ll start a install4free like wordpress but until then,

    if they just want a basic install, start giving out this free service:

    supposedly works on most major hosts including:

    * Bluehost

    * Hostmonster

    * Fastdomain

    * LunarPages

    * HostGator

    * SiteGround

    * GoDaddy

    * WebHostingPad

    * LiquidWeb

    * StartLogic

    * iPowerWeb

    * Dot5Hosting

    * MidPhase

    * 1and1



    Cheers _ck_. I like to help out when I can, but it’s a good idea to pass on something like that and save my own time. Only so much life left!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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