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RSS to New Thread Plugin? Does it exist?

  • I have a wordpress blog that does not share the same database as my bbpress forum. I am trying to find a bbpress plugin that can read the RSS feed of my external blog and generate new forum threads with my blog post names and content, under my name.

    Ts this realistic? Is there such a plugin that does this? Can I do this without integrating my external blog and my bbpress (for my bbpress is already integrated with another wordpress site)?


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  • kevinjohngallagher


    There is not to the best of my knowledge.

    This has been discussed before, at length as I recall, on a few occasions. Sadly you’ll have to do a bit of searching to find it, but you should get some good info out of it.

    It basically comes down to this:

    RSS is a pull technology, not a push one. So you’d need to have some form of cron job to check for an update in the blog feed, and then have code to write a post to your forum. In honesty this wouldn’t be too difficult, but it’s got relatively limited value, so i doubt there is an existing plugin (I may be totally wrong)

    EDIT: I’ve actually just thought of a brilliant use for such a plugin. Dammit. This goes on the list.

    bbPress1.0 comes with the ability to handle XML-RPC, which is like cross-sever posting (in laymans terms). You could get a WordPress plugin that ‘pings’/’posts/ to bbPress when a new post is written. Not uite sure how elegant this would be with scheduled posts etc.

    I’d definately look around the WordPress plugin directory for this, but I’m 99% certain it will require some coding at your end.

    Good luck, and shout if you’ve any specific questions.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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