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RSS feed says authored by Anonymous

  • Larry


    How can I get the post author’s name to appear in the reply RSS feed?

    When someone posts, they (must and do) fill out their name, in the “Your Name” field. (That field has id=”bbp_anonymous_author” name=”bp_anonymous_name”.)

    But the post author doesn’t appear in the RSS feed. The author is blank:

    How can I get bbPress to recognize that field as the reply author? (It’s not actually anonymous!)

    The forum is here:
    (The URL will change when this goes public)

    What you see so far is just my own testing. This is a new bbPress forum that’s not public yet. I plan to make it public soon, as a way to create a (very basic) ride board.

    WordPress 4.4.3; Responsive theme with customized child theme; bbPress 2.5.9; bbP Toolkit plugin (1.0.6); bbPress Moderation plugin (1.8.3).

    I’ve created (I believe) a fully moderated forum by using the Moderation plugin. No one is expected (or able) to register on the site, but all posts must be approved (by me) before they appear. (This is how WordPress comments work when moderation is required.) I was surprised to discover that bbPress won’t do this on its own, and getting this behavior with the Moderation plugin is a little convoluted (difficult).

    I’m not using bbPress’s subscription system. Instead, we have we manage our a mailing list in MailChimp that sends new posts via RSS to email. This works well for our blog posts and comments, but I need to fix some details in the forum RSS feeds. The blank <creator> RSS field causes my emails to say “by Anonymous”.

    (In the RSS feeds, you will see my name as the author of a few posts, because I logged into WordPress before making those posts. But I don’t expect reply authors to log in; they won’t be able to do so.)

    Also, how can I remove “Reply To:” from the title in the RSS feed? What line in which file (template?) do I need to modify?
    <title><![CDATA[Reply To: Rides Offered]]></title>

    First time posting here. Thanks for your help (and I hope I’ve followed protocol).

    I posted this yesterday, but it has not appeared on the forum. I’m guessing that’s because it contained 3 links, so needed to be approved. Apparently it was not approved. I have removed one of the links this time (link to a 2nd RSS feed).

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