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RSS feed and search engines

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  • Lynq


    You could add your RSS feed to a robots.txt file.

    Something like…

    Disallow: /forum/feed

    Or whatever your RSS link is.

    Good luck!


    Display RSS feeds.
    Most webmasters show their feeds as content on their web site. When displaying a feed make sure to use PHP, ASP or HTML so search engines can spider the contents of the feed displayed. If employing a template to show feeds, use header tags to outline the looks of the Channel Title and Item Titles. several search engines weight header tags with a lot of importance.

    Hi, I’m using VBulletin 3.8.4 and vBSEO 3.6.0 RC2. I recently added a new RSS feed to my forum, and I purge the old articles after a certain number of days. How can I exclude this particular group from being seen by the search engines? I used to remember how to do this, simply forgot.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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