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Roles being reset every now and then

  • joop.stringer


    Hi guys,

    Some of my users their roles keep on getting reset.
    I set them back to what it needs to be and some of them only last a day, others seem to last two/three days and then they are reset again.

    I also use WP eMember plugin …

    Hope somebody can help me !

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  • Robin W


    hmmm, not heard of this in bbpress, I’d suspect emember is having issues with bbpress



    How could that be … there’s no change in the members what so ever and every now and then the forum role gets reset to the basic forum role.

    Where’s this information stored in the database ?
    That way I can give it a go with the eMember plugin company ….

    Robin W


    bbpress stores its role in the same array as wordpress roles

    ie in


    and an entry looks like


    with admin being the wordpress role and bbp_keymaster being the bbpress role.

    A pure wordpress user would look like


    Now, and this is probably key, when a users registers they just get the wordpress role. When they then log on bbpress sees that it has no role set, so assigns the default role.

    Now if emember is writing info to wp_capabilities, it could be overwriting part or the entire array (so by mistake deleting the bbpress role) or appending to it so that bbpress no longer sees it’s role. Then when the user next logs on, bbpress will see no role set, and set it back to the default.

    This could explain why users would be going back to default

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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