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Role Integration Problem

  • I currently have bbpress .9.0.1. installed as well as wordpress 2.3.3. The user databases are integrated (I have mouldy old cookie and reverted back to the md5 hashing system). The only difference from a normal installation is that my table prefix for wordpress is nothing, not wp_. Now I set this correctly in order to integrate the user databases on the wordpress admin page, however I heard sambauers mention in another post that this could cause an issue with the bbpress role integrator? What is even wierder is if someone registers through bbpress they still do not get a role, and cannot post.

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  • Ok so I take back my last statement, those that register through bbpress get a bbpress role and those that go through wp get a wp role. Again, is there a file where these functions are written that I can check to make sure the table prefix is right? My user registration is integrated in that users show up on both, but the roles only are assigned in the form which a user registers.

    The problem is definitely the lack of a WordPress table prefix.

    The path of least resistance is to rename the WordPress tables adding a prefix, and change your configs to reflect the new table names.

    sam is there any way I can edit the role map code to account for this. Changing the prefix could cause a lot of problems.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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