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Let's Resurrect The Standalone Version!

  • appliedsd


    I remember how impressed I was the first time I saw a bbpress standalone installation. It was so clean and easy to navigate–things weren’t buried in places I couldn’t find them, the threads were clean and the UI was simple. I couldn’t resist using it on my next project.

    After installing it, I got into the admin interface and it was just like using wordpress! It integrated with Akismet, there was a plugin architecture, it was fantastic! I was sold.

    Then.. I started to run into a few issues here and there… a couple of the plugins didn’t work, and I couldn’t find support for them.. I couldn’t find a way to integrate a good wysiwyg editor.. and then bugs started to show up in the admin panel.

    “No problem” I thought.. “I’ll just upgrade”.

    Over to the page, and now it’s a wordpress plugin.. “OK.. guess I’ll give that a try”. after half an hour of working with it, I realized it wasn’t for me, and now I see that the standalone version appears to be permanently mothballed.

    That is unacceptable. That standalone software was awesome… we can’t let it die.

    Let’s bring it back!!

    I am raising my voice for resurrecting the bbpress standalone software. Who here will support this effort? I’m a developer.. that’s one.. who else is going to help me?

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  • This is the first I’ve seen of someone preferring the stand alone version. One of the major benefits of the plugin version is that it can be installed on existing WP sites without any crazy (and really janky) integration. It just works.

    There is still a complete plugin architecture: the WordPress one.

    Can you give specifics on what you find confusing about the plugin version?

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