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Restrict ability to sign up for forum?

  • Cariva


    Hi everyone, I’ve seen several questions kind of like this one but not exactly, so forgive me if it’s been answered and I’ve missed it!

    Wordpress 4.0, bbPress 2.5.4.

    What I need is a forum that only a specific group of people (several hundred, increasing annually) can view and use. Because of the numbers involved it’s not practical to manually add them to an allowed list for the forum.

    Solution idea 1:
    A Forum page which shows you just a Login form, plus a Sign Up form. The Sign Up form has an additional field for a specific code, which we will distribute to our members via a Mailchimp list.

    Solution idea 2:
    The Sign Up form automatically cross-references with the Mailchimp list, so that only people who are already on the list are able to sign up for the forum.

    Your help enormously appreciated!


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