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responsiveness isn’t working as expected

  • badusername


    I’ve added BBPress to my site and for the most part it is fine. I’m using a genesis theme and I’ve got the bbPress Genesis Extend plugin too. One problem though – when looking at the forums main page and an individual forum (eg. ‘General Discussion’) some of the text gets squished up too soon when resizing the window. The text ‘Topics’ ‘Posts’ and ‘Freshness’ start overlapping because the content of bbpress gets too small too fast – leaves a big gap on the right too, between bbpress and the right column. If I make the window even smaller, the right column moves below which is fine. And of course if I make the window even larger its fine. But there is a range where it shouldn’t be so squished.

    On an individual forum page, the text voices, posts and freshness get squished. On individual posts pages, the responsiveness works as expected.

    The site is password protected so I don’t know how to post a url here, I have a screenshot, but don’t see a way to upload it.

    I’m using the latest versions of WP and bbpress.

    Any idea how to fix this? Do I need to edit something in the bbpress css file? If so, what do I need to edit? If not, how else could it be fixed?


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