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Responsive design on mobile (quoted replies)

  • seanrowe


    So I work as a web developer using wordpress, however I do not use bbPress on any of my sites currently. However I am a member of a forum that I really enjoy, however it severely lacks some elements of responsive design for mobile phones. I cannot say for sure it’s something directly related to bbPress, however being that bbPress is such a large platform I have to assume there is a solution.

    The problem:

    The problem is related to multiple quotes inside of a post. When a person quotes a reply that was also quoting a previous reply we get multple “quote” section before the new content. The result on a mobile phone is that the quotes get squished into single character per line so it looks



    Is there a solution to making the previous quotes either hidden in a spoiler tag by default or simply show only the 1 quote per post on mobile?

    Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about:

    P.S. I am not a developer on this website, but I thought I’d present a solution to the owner to help him out 🙂

    P.P.S. I noticed he uses elementor as well, so not sure if that has any relation.

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  • seanrowe


    I just noticed if you look at the site in “mobile” through the inspect tool it solves this issue by placing the users name/avatar above the post so it doesn’t consume half of the real estate (the white space to the left of the orange lines in my first picture).

    I will double check on another phone to confirm this issue exists

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    Sorry for all the replies to my own post, can’t edit the original.

    This only happens on larger phones with very small text, meaning I set my phone DPI to 484dp and I get what you see in the first picture, however if I set my phone to 411dp everything works great!

    Is there an easy way to adjust the minimum dpi width for bbPress for mobile phones? Meaning having bbPress switch to the mobile responsive design after the screen is below say 490dp?

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