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[REQUEST] Quote, multi-quote, and signatures

  • Mycelus


    I know there are plugins for these, but they don’t work well, and with any forum software, these features are a must.

    I am requesting that quoting, multi-quotings, and signatures are added to bbPress.

    Quotes and multi-quotes should be possible via the option bar next to Edit, Move, Split, etc.

    Signature should be accessible via the profile settings for each user.

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  • Robin W


    Mycelus – which plugins have you tried, and what issues have you had, or what is lacking in them.

    Because if the developers take up your suggestion, you won’t want them to make the same mistakes that you have found in these plugins!

    Stephen Edgar


    We’ve started tracking some plugins we like here

    We have no specific plans to include any of these in bbPress at this stage but things can change 😉



    Ok, the problem is, these features should be integrated into bbPress by default, all forum software has this, and the plugins for quoting for example don’t work like it should, and signature plugins are also outdated and not the best.

    EDIT: Didn’t see two posts above, editing post…

    Robin W


    Have you used the plugin bbP signature?

    It is really up to the developers what they spend time on developing. They do this software in their spare time and for free.

    If plugins are readily available, they’re seems little point in integrating them. A variety of plugins also gives user choice, and freedom for others to improve the code.

    And you would be very unhappy be the sounds of it if they integrated some of the current plugins into core code.

    So I repeat, if you don’t like the current plugins, then come back with a detailed critique of what they don’t do, and what they do wrong. That way the developers can see what could be better, and maybe then they would be fired up to add it into core.

    So come back with which plugins and detailed issues and feature requests.



    This is what quotes look like:

    Here’s what a blockquote should actually look like:

    Also, multi-quote feature is non-existent.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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