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request of some suggestions to start with bbPress

  • dancik68


    I’m new in using bbPress.
    I should start by allowing the forum to a dozen people (which I will register) to participate in the forum by making sure that only these see it (and they can easily login).
    The next step will allow everyone to see the forum (with a forum indication on the menu) but not write.
    The last step will allow each user to register himself and then be able to intervene.
    Each operation must be moderated.
    I have already installed bbpres moderation and bbp private groups
    I was interested to have some tips on how to set up the forum to following these steps.

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  • yasirabbas123


    dancik firstly you should start seo to rank your forum in google you can also use social media platforms. when you will receive registration then you must be accepted registration to start your forum but be aware from spammers.
    after all this kind of things make the chcek and balance on and not allow new users to ad signatures.
    make a policy for every new users.

    that will help you to save your forum from spammers.

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