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Request from member- “staying logged in?”

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  • He should stay logged in for a week if he’s logged in at all. Tempted to put it down to a problem on his end but that’s hasty.

    Logging into bb should log you into wp and vice-versa automatically, all by itself. If not, you have a cookie problem; tell us the folder structure of your install and it can be fixed.

    If you see his user in wp after he registers in bb, he must be able to log in with the same password. It reads the same entry in the database. You should never have to change their password in wp; any change to his password should be identical in bb anyway. He did register only once, right? Just once, not for both wp and bb?

    Yes, he only registered once. If logging in to one should log you into both, then things definitely aren’t working the way they’re supposed to.

    The way things are set up is the following:

    WordPress is installed in my root HTTP directory.

    BBPress is installed in a subdirectory called “forums”.

    You can see everything in action here (put on your sunglasses, it’s bright.):

    forums at

    Need more info?

    Thanks for the help. :)

    That should do :)

    Put this in your wp-config.php:

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');

    and this in bb’s config.php:

    $bb->cookiedomain = '';
    $bb->cookiepath = '/';

    Hopefully that’ll be all.

    Super. Thanks for the help. I’ll give this a try and report back.

    An update- that worked splendidly, EXCEPT:

    Now when you create a new account and go back to login, after typing in username and password, the redirect to the admin control panel on wordpress doesn’t work- so you get stuck back on the login screen thinking it didn’t work.

    If you’d like, you can create a test account to see what I mean.


    Just tried, but haven’t had any of the expected emails in the last few hours. Hopefully it’ll come through soon.

    I think I see what you mean. But that’s very strange. Are you logged in? If you are, attempting to access wp-login.php should redirect you to the admin panel – not just in the act of logging in, but whenever anyone that is logged in tries to get there.

    Can you check your cookie info? In FF that’s Tools > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies, find cookies for your site and then look at the domain and path settings.

    When I’m logged in under my admin handle, accessing wp-login.php DOES in fact direct me to the admin panel, just fine.

    I just got your registration email, so perhaps you’ll get one soon?

    I’ve been using Safari, and the path for the forum and the website is listed as: “/”, and the domain is listed as “”

    Further update on this.

    I’ve tried logging in as the admin at wordpress, and even that will no longer work. Not only does it not forward me on to the admin interface, it doesn’t log me in at all.

    It seems that if I log into the forum interface, then I’m logged into the WordPress interface just fine, and I can access the control panel as usual by using the link.

    In addition, no one can log out now either- I assume that option should still be working.

    This has obviously turned into a non plugin issue, so if you guys want to move it to the appropriate spot that’s fine.

    Logging out will not work for a week unless you clear your cookies. This is because wp and bb only clear the cookies their settings are for, but the old cookies may still be valid (different settings, but in some specific cases still apply).

    Can you clear your cookies (not necessarily all of them), log in through wp and check what, if any, cookies are set? Perhaps that will help.

    Sorry, my account details still haven’t come through.

    No problem- I wonder why it is you didn’t get them? I’ll try making another test account to see what happens. EDIT: I tried out a test account and got my login info instantly- perhaps an email typo?

    I cleared cookies and tried logging in via the wordpress side.

    I only got one cookie logged, here’s all the info since I’m not sure what you’re looking for:



    Path: /

    Secure: no

    Expires: (blank)

    Contents: d43da8c677366727ecfdb8a5f0fa4b9e

    Ahh, and, in equal measure, woops.

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');

    should read

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');

    That .net meant that the cookie could not be set. Sorry.

    …. you know, I wonder why I didn’t catch that either. lol.

    Okay, well, after fixing that, it now forwards me to the admin interface like it should and lets me log in on the WordPress site.

    That said, if logged in on the WordPress site, I am still not logged in on the forums- or at least, so it appears. It still asks me for login info.

    From there, I tried logging in as admin using another browser, and saw that the test account was listed as online in the forum.

    Confusion abounds.

    It is still the case that if I log in on the forums, I’m logged in on the wordpress site.

    Check the path that is set when wp logs you in and check the documentation, can’t help further sorry.

    Thanks for all the help so far, Fel.

    I’ll keep looking into things and report back here if I manage to sort it out.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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