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Reply to Topic Link Not Working

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  • chrishajer


    The changes you made might not have been major, but one of them is apparently critical. I would compare one template file, between the original and your modified version, and see what’s different.

    Also, what version bbPress are you using, and is in integrated with a version of WordPress? Do you have any plugins installed that could be causing this?

    I am comparing the two right now to see if I deleted something important. Do you know which php file I should be looking in? I did not integrate the forum with WordPress and am using the latest version of bbPress (I just installed it a few days ago). The only plugins I am using is the Akismet plugin. I guess I must have deleted something although I’m not sure what!

    Sounds like the problems people had with deep integration, where the bbPress role was being stomped on.

    I figured out what the problem was, although I’m not sure how to fix it (I’m still learning PHP). The problem is this PHP code which I have in an include (along with all my code for the site’s navigation):


    // Extracts the file name from the file name

    $path = $_SERVER;

    $page = basename($path);

    $page = basename($path, ‘.php’);


    The code extracts the the file name from the file to select the current tab in my navigation. When I remove this section of code, the Reply form appears and works as normal. Is the problem having PHP code in an include file?

    I figured it out – $path or $page must be variables used by bbPress, so I changed their names and it works now. Thanks!

    Hello i have the exact problem. Reply button not working.

    Does someone know which is the file i have to edit to change the names of Path and Page and.. To what name shall i change it?

    Any help very appreciated im stuck!



    I’m having this trouble too. I tried comparing everything that is topics.php, post.php, and post-form.php to the files in the kakumei theme, and there are no significant differences, yet the form won’t appear.

    Example here:

    I can create new topics as an admin and as a guest, but not reply to them. Any suggestions?




    Can you reply when using the default theme? If you can, then the problem is with your theme.

    Also, are you integrated with WordPress? If so, what version of each did you install?

    And finally, what plugins are you using? Maybe one of them is causing this.

    Thanks, I tried it with the default theme and it worked. I compared side by side and still couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem, but scrapping what I had and starting from scratch again seems to have resolved the problem.

    Can’t wait until there’s a codex. ;)


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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