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“Reply To” Combo – When editing a “Reply”

  • Chuckie


    I noticed that when you edit a reply that the “Reply To” combo appears squashed:

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    So I added CSS to widen the select control and then was confused by the values in the drop-down list being truncated. I decided to examine the HTML (without making any CSS changes) and this is what I get:

    <select name=”bbp_reply_to” id=”bbp_reply_to” class=”bbp_dropdown”>
    <option value=”” class=”level-0″>3189 – Introduction to the Text and Visual Editors</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3226″ disabled=”disabled”>   3226 – Update The</option>
    The first entry is complete (although not all visible in the actual control). But the rest are all cropped to just a few letters. If I try other forum replies they are all the same.

    Here is another example:

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    <select name=”bbp_reply_to” id=”bbp_reply_to” class=”bbp_dropdown”>
    <option value=”” class=”level-0″>2692 – Setting up the new forum – Testing and Change-Log</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2695″ disabled=”disabled”>   2695 – This is a</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2705″>   2705 – This is a</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2735″>   2735 – This reply</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2791″>   2791 – Test ok.</option>
    <option class=”level-2″ value=”2794″>      2794 – Hi Stefano</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2814″>   2814 – All forums</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2825″>   2825 – Based on t</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2828″>   2828 – I have sta</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2853″>   2853 – Further up</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2858″>   2858 – Further up</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2881″>   2881 – Further up</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2912″>   2912 – Update: I</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2918″>   2918 – Update: Ch</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2936″>   2936 – Update: Th</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2943″>   2943 – I have dec</option>
    <option class=”level-2″ value=”3254″>      3254 – Update: I</option>
    <option class=”level-3″ value=”3324″>         3324 – Update The</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2950″>   2950 – This is so</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”2961″>   2961 – One final</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3044″>   3044 – I have upd</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3051″>   3051 – I added a</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3052″>   3052 – Implemente</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3066″>   3066 – Hi Andrew,</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3067″>   3067 – Hi Simon I</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3068″>   3068 – Sorry, mis</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3100″>   3100 – Sorry, mis</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3112″>   3112 – Three more</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3136″>   3136 – Updates: I</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3208″>   3208 – This is a</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3209″>   3209 – This is a</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3238″>   3238 – Update: Th</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3318″>   3318 – Update Whe</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3343″>   3343 – Update: I</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3401″>   3401 – Update I h</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3403″>   3403 – Update Rat</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3518″>   3518 – Update You</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3519″>   3519 – Yes, the h</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3973″>   3973 – [quote quo</option>
    <option class=”level-1″ value=”3974″>   3974 – [quote quo</option>
    Why is it restricting the data displayed to just a few letters? I tried to research a reason and couldn’t find one.


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  • Chuckie


    Any clarification about this please? Thank you.

    Milan Petrovic


    CSS styling for the select field is most likely limited by the theme in length (bbPress default styling does it also), so you need to change the width for that element to 100%.



    This is not just a CSS issue. As you can see from the source HTML it is truncating the text:

    ” 3209 – This is a”

    etc. I can widen it to 100% and it will still only list that chunk.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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