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Reply Subscription Sender&Recipient: noreply@subdomain.domain.tld?!

  • Manuel Fritsch


    I activated topic and reply subscriptions today, and the very first email I got was a bounce. I had written a response to someone else’s thread, and apparently, instead of sending it from my usual sending address (as specified in PostMAN SMTP: to my admin address (as specified in my profile:, it was sent from and to (!) this weird address: (case is bbpress on one subdomain site of a MS network). Since I do not receive emails adressed to my subdomain, it was bounced to

    Using this noreply@ does not make any sense to me, neither for sender, nor for recipient. Can anyone help? bbpress does not allow me to set a sending address, it just defined and used it. That is not good, since my SMTP plugin must have the last word in this. We all know that sending emails via PHPmailer/webserver (default WP behaviour) is unprofessional. And anyway, to send a notification to anywhere else than my profile email does not make sense. This looks very much like a bug, doesn’t it?

    WP 4.6.1 (MS install w/subdomains), bbpress 2.5.11, PostMan SMTP 1.7.2, ~40 other plugins

    Excerpt from PostMan SMTP’s log (with EDITS):

    X-Mailer: Postman SMTP 1.7.2 for WordPress (
    From: SITE NAME <>
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