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Reply link in topic list admin panel – Plugin bbpress

  • Hello!

    We have a site with bbpress plugin and a lot of functionalities, and the moderators/admin manage all them from admin panel because is easier to centralize everything in the admin.

    When we have a new topic, usually we want to reply at the same time (we use bbpressmoderation). Now we have to read it in admin topics an then go to the reply admin, create a reply and choose the topic in the dropdown, but we have a lot of topics and this is hard to manage.

    The other option we have is go to the frontend and reply there, but we lose a lot of options to embed, formmating, etc.

    It would be nice to have a reply link in the edit topic panel that directly create a reply to this topic without having to go to the reply panel and select the topic from the long list of topics.

    I think (but i’m not an expert) it could be easy to do but i’m lost in how to do it.

    There is planned any similar funcionality in bbpress plugin?

    or can someone guide me how to do this?


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