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  • where can i change this forms? how can i add panels, like on the forums (Allowed markup: a blockquote br etc, but in buttons)?

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  • The plugin you are looking for is here:


    thanks alot, but this plugin, unfortunately doesnt work for me :(

    do you know, Trent, how can i translate ‘add topic’ and ‘reply’ on down of the page? and why my ‘add new’ (‘dodaj nowy’ in my theme) doesn’t work?

    i’m not sure that you understood what i mean. i mean i want a buttons , , [img]etc like on wp bbpress.

    The plugin he linked you does give you buttons like that. Click it and it auto-inserts the code. – do you see them? i don’t.


    do you know what file can i TRANSLATE

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    edit: doesn’t work

    Looking at your site all I see is

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/kmr/ftp/forum/bb-includes/bozo.php on line 237

    it’s ok now, you refreshed it while i was testing one thing.

    i translated thing i pasted above, actually i have 2 problems with quicktags and new post (new=1)

    The quicktags plugin should work automatically if you drop the plugin file and the JS file into your /my-plugins/ folder. That should bring up the buttons you requested. If it doesn’t, it might be a problem with it displaying in your theme. Quick way to test that is test it out on the default template and not your custom template.

    As for the translating, are you using the language files for your chosen language?


    in wordpress ofcourse yes. in bbpress there is not polish lang file (as i know).

    yes i have plugin and js in my-plugins folder. tomorrow i’ll check it in my default.

    in my wordpress, in adminpanel i also don’t have quicktags panel in visual mode in my adding post site. may it has something in common with bbpress plugin?

    it works in my default template so i have right files in my-plugins folder.

    whats wrong? maybe i missed something in scripts/template files?



    archasek, if I were you, I would have installed the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG editor instead of any quicktag plugin. The Tiny MCE It outputs valid XHTML and is by far easier to use than any bbcode system! :-)

    I hate Tiny MCE. It’s slow and nannies you too much.

    Archasek, I think you haven’t called some hooks or something. Find something like

    <label for="post_content"><?php _e('Post:'); ?>
    <textarea name="post_content" cols="50" rows="8" id="post_content" tabindex="3"></textarea>

    and insert

    <?php do_action( 'post_form_pre_post' ); ?>

    In front of it, on a new line. That should make it work. :)

    <?php if ( !is_topic() ) : ?>
    <label for="topic"><?php _e('Tytuł:'); ?>
    <input name="topic" type="text" id="topic" size="50" maxlength="80" tabindex="1" />
    <?php endif; do_action( 'post_form_pre_post' ); ?>
    <?php do_action( 'post_form_pre_post' ); ?>
    <label for="post_content"><?php _e('Treść:'); ?>
    <textarea name="post_content" cols="50" rows="8" id="post_content" tabindex="3"></textarea>
    <?php if ( !is_topic() ) : ?>

    it’s post-form.php. doesn’t work :( e.g: still doesn’t have any quicktags. should i use tiny MCE?

    Hmm, okay it’s already there so you can take it back out.

    Do any plugins work for you?

    yes i have many plugins installed

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