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Replies not showing up even on 2010 theme and no plugins!

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  • AAShepAA



    Based upon another post (From John) I deactivated bbPress and reactivated it (Which I thought I had done several times).

    I also went into the “Tools” > “Forum” and recalculated everything. I was still having some replies not showing up!

    I went into “edit” those replies and found that they were not assigned to any “forum” or “topic” at all. I edit them and assigned a forum and topic and the showed up.

    However: I could find the forum that they should have been assigned to, but the proper topic was not even available in the drop-down list…. I just had to select the closest topic I could find.

    Perhaps someone can tell me why the replies would not have any forum or topic assigned to them??


    John James Jacoby


    I’d suggest not creating or editing anything from within wp-admin. It’s a pretty poor experience right now, and I’ll be putting some work into it for 2.2. It’s not nearly as helpful or powerful as it should be, and is more likely to break things than anything else.



    John, thanks for the reply.

    The replies referred to above we’re made by users, and I just edited them through admin. That is why I couldn’t understand why they didn’t have a forum, or topic assigned to them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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