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Replies Not Displaying in Forum

  • S-FX


    Hi All–

    I know this issue has been covered a dozen times, but I can’t seem to find an appropriate answer as it’s always been resolved by running an update.

    Whenever a reply is posted on our site, it fails to appear. We ARE using a custom theme, so I suspect that this is likely the root of the problem. However, if someone can help point more towards WHAT we should be including in our themes to make sure that the replies display, I’d be grateful.

    Here’s a link to a topic page where the replies do not show:

    Thus far, I’ve already:
    – Updated to the latest WordPress
    – Updated to the latest BuddyPress
    – Ran a repair on the tables
    – Changed to a default theme to confirm it’s a theme issue

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  • S-FX


    Follow up:

    I copied the folder bbpress from:

    Into my theme’s directory and made the necessary changes there and it seemed to resolve the problem.

    Hopefully this helps out other developers in the future!

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