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Replies hidden in bbpress forum

  • johodges


    I have set up a website for a local horticultural society with a forum restricted to society members. For the forum, I’m using bbpress; for the membership registration I’m using Simple WordPress Membership. I’m using the customizr theme and the latest version of WordPress. My problem is that, with our 1st topic, the first reply is hidden. I cannot find a way of unhiding it. I’ve posted a reply myself, which is visible, and tried reposting the text of the hidden reply. When I do this, I get van email altering me to the reply but still nothing is visible on the website. Please can someone help? The website is

    Many thanks,

    Jo Hodges

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  • Robin W


    so we need to work out if

    a) it is this individual post
    b) the first reply of any topic

    You’ll need to do some testing to establish which and come back



    Thank you, Robin. I had done a post of my own to test, which worked. However, it now seems to be solved due to an update on Simple WordPress Membership (at least, it’s now visible, which is a relief). Fingers crossed!

    Robin W


    Great – glad you’re fixed !

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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