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Replies and new forums taking forever to publish

  • Korfan12


    Hey everyone.

    Trying to start up a forum on our website ( but my tests in Private reveal that a new post can take up to 45 minutes to show up on the topic page, and replies up to 5 minutes. Is this my website being slow (I ran it through some tests on GTMetrix and I’m getting 85%…)? What can I do to make it faster, so when I go public, people can start new posts and reply in a fairly fluid way?



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  • Hi,
    What you describe seems to me more a caching issue, as any topic/reply should be there immediately if you don’t have any approval process. Try to see if you have any plugins or anything in your environment that would cache and deactivate it.



    Right, but I’ve tested it without all the other plugins and it’s entirely fine. What’s strange to me is that any new post is accessible from the page where you can see all the forums, but in that specific forum, it’s not there.

    For example, if I were to post “Hello.” In a forum called “Miscellaneous”, I can see that I’ve made a change in that forum under the freshness section in the page where you can see all the forums, and if I click on that link I see the post “Hello.” But if I click to see the “Miscellaneous” forum, the post “Hello” isn’t there.

    I’m utterly confused…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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