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replacing WP comments with bbPress threads

  • Asynaptic


    I’m a bit baffled as to why this 3 month old ticket is sitting here all lonely: and both have this functionality so the devs already have this one figured out. Right?

    There’s also this plugin which provides the same functionality:

    which can be integrated into core following the wordpress development model of features as plugins.

    Unless I’m off my rocker again, and missing something… in which case please take pity on me and set me straight!

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  • Robin W


    This is community software – why not get involved and crack open the plugin, see what it does and add it to the core bbpress software

    To get started and learn about how to create a patch that is in the format we use here (and the entire WordPress Trac ecosystem) here are a couple of docs to get you on your way:


    bbPress’ SVN repo URL is 

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