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“Repair forums” destroys my already failed import attempt

  • welshdemon


    Moving forums to a subdomain, the user database is shared with main website but that’s all.

    Trying to get forums moved in to a clean install but I’ve been trying for many hours with no success.

    have used Tools->export for forums, topics, replies.
    Then Tools->import on the new site.

    The admin panel forums area shows all the topics correctly, forum name, amount of replies, names, etc.
    The topics area also looks correct, names, amount of replies etc.
    The replies area show which topic they are a reply to.

    But when I go to the front end, none of it is connected. No topics in forums, no replies to topics. But the forum and the topics do say “X amount of topics in this forum” etc.

    Try the “Repair forums” and do those 1 at a time and it just makes things worse.
    Then nothing is linked, topics have “no forum”, and replies have “no topic” etc.
    Any help please?

    P.S. Regarding importing large files, if anyone is having problems:
    I had to split the xml files as despite all my php.ini maximum file upload size, maximum script memory, and httpd.conf timeouts being set REALLY high (like 500MB and 1 hour!!) I just cannot complete the imports of files 50MB. So used this and now they are importing when split under 5MB ->

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