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Removing the sidebar

  • dreamache


    Okay first, I’m well aware of the 10+ threads already that exist about this topic, and I’ve gone through all of them.

    I’ve read this:

    It seems as though “extras” contains all of the files with get_sidebar, which I’ve edited to //get_sidebar

    The link above mentions:
    ““extras” contains optional page templates and things to make life a little easier when customizing; copy any you want to use or modify into the same ‘bbpress’ folder. eg. /wp-content/mytheme/bbpress/”

    First, that should probably be changed to: /wp-content/themes/mytheme/bbpress

    Secondly, I’ve done this. My directory structure looks like:
    wp-content/themes/sahifa/bbpress/extras (which contain the modified //get_sidebar files)

    Yet the sidebar still shows up.

    Is there anything I’m missing?


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  • Lynq


    You could just use css maybe? It allows you to quick switch back in case you need it, or if you need it on certain bbPress pages maybe.



    ^-I’m not really too fond of that approach. All the sidebar elements still load, which makes for unnecessary load time; and it’s just a really dirty grimy hack. 🙂



    Hmm, not sure its a “really dirty grimy hack”.

    Removing the sidebar means you no longer have access to it, should you require it on certain pages, or if like some themes you want to access it on topics so you can show latest discussions, but not on full forum pages.

    Otherwise you have to go through and remove it from all bbPress template files, if you ever want it back, you need to revert that process.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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